Pewag Quickfit chains from Austria. Covering a wide range of tyre sizes including most 4x4 sizes

The Pewag Brenta-C is the most popular Quickfit we sell. It is a Diamond pattern and is ideal for ski field and local winter use on road.

Quick Grip by SCC is for the serious off-roader or Farmer. They are an old style ladder chain with modern improvements such as a large over-centre tensioning latch and ice breakers welded to the crossbars for added traction. They come in various thickness' which is classified as light, medium and heavy and in most tyre sizes up to light truck.

We stock snowchain tensioners or bungies which are used to take up the slack in ladder chains. They come in three sizes; car, 4x4 or bus.

We also stock common sizes of plain ladder chains for buses and trucks. This includes Dual Wheel Chains.

We repair chains as well as stocking a large range of ladder chain parts.

With every pair of chains sold from our premises we give the added service of instruction on fitting and test fit to vehicle to check the size.

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Pewag Brenta-C Diamond Snowchain



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